Sensory Processing Disorder Books

Books For Adults

As a mother of a child with sensory processing disorder, I know you can have many unanswered questions about your child's or loved one's diagnosis. That is where the idea of "Questions From Those Who Know" came from. I teamed up with Jeanette Baker, founder of the popular Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support Group, and reviewed the most asked questions. Here you will see the result of what others have to say helped their children with SPD. Research shows early intervention is key; yet, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin to help your child. We hope that this book will bring you ideas that have worked for others, as well as comfort that you are not alone! We also hope it helps spread knowledge of what SPD is and what it is like to live with.

*Paperback version includes a bonus poem on SPD from Jeanette Baker.

From her daughter Heather’s original diagnosis to a veritable smorgasbord of difficulties, Tami did her own research into Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism and sought out a therapeutic approach that actually worked.  After comprehensive research, Tami found and accessed successful protocols for Heather which can be used by other parents of children with High-Functioning Autism.

Tami shows exactly how a sensory lifestyle was developed to provide and maintain Functioning Recovery and she provides examples of projective trials that show benefits pertaining to sensory support.  CranioSacral Therapy and Bio-Medical supports are explained as well as their value in recovery is documented as Tami illustrates how a sensory lifestyle gives crucial support for school, employment and independent living.

The Pocket Occupational Therapist is an illuminating and essential guide for caregivers of children with physical and developmental disabilities or parents of children in rehabilitation from illness or injury. ​​​​​It contains questions that are frequently asked to pediatric occupational therapists about:

•Sensory Processing ​​​
•Core/Body Muscle Weakness
•Feeding Therapy
•Life Skills                                                           
•Developmental Information & More

Our new SCHOOL guide book is an illuminating guide to all things

related to students with autism, SPD, social skills deficits, disorganization, ADHD/ADD, dysgraphia, and many more.  Also a great book for typical children who are struggling with issues at school.  IEP goals are discussed along with several different accommodations and strategies for meeting goals.​​​

•Dyslexia and Dysgraphia
•ADHD/ADD strategies                                                           
•IEP goals and accommodations
•Sensory Processing Information and

Sensory-friendly ways to help students in classrooms

As the veil of denial is slowly lifted, Michele faces up to the fact that something is terribly wrong with her beautiful baby Elizabeth. Join her in I Believe In You as she travels a road unfamiliar to most parents, into Elizabeth’s world, the world of dyspraxia and sensory processing disorder, and meet the wonderful group of individuals, both therapists and friends who help her on her journey. Her devotion to Elizabeth proves there are some things that withstand even the greatest challenged: a mother’s love and the words “I believe in you.”

Books For Kiddos

Tony The Turtle Books


"Tony's wish is that these stories positively support children on the autism spectrum and their parents overcome the challenges they face in everyday life"

Valerie Sheehan, Creator

Ben's School Daze Book


 This is a story about Ben, a lively and active boy, who finds the sensory experiences within his day to be overwhelming.  Loud noises vibrate through his body and "shoes and socks bother him... they never feel just right".  This can make it hard for Ben to be a good student.  But don't worry, his teacher and mum know what to do to help him through his day.

A lovely story for parents, teachers and children to read to help them better understand what it feels like to function everyday in a world that feels overwhelming to the senses.  Information about Sensory Processing Disorder and ideas to be used in the  classroom at the back of the book.

Some other sensory books for adults and kiddos to enjoy

Books For Children

Even Cats Have Asperger's by Kathy Hoopmann
Ellie Bean the Drama Queen by Jennie Harding and Dave Padgett
sensitive Sam by Marla Roth-Fisch
Its hair cut time by Michele Griffin OT
My service dog by Cindy M. Jusino
I just don't like the sound of No by Julia Cook
Wilma jean the worry machine by Julia Cook
The way I feel by Janan Cain
Squirmy Wormy by Lynda Farrington Wilson
Arnie's School Tools by Jennifer Veenendall
Why Does Izzy Cover Her Ears? by Jennifer Veenendall
Danny the Damsel by Suzanne Nicoll Tineo
Point to Happy by Miriam Smith, Afton Fraser, Margo Smithwick and Toni Giannone
Picky, Picky Pete by Michele Griffin OT
The Worst Day of My Life Ever! by Julia Cook
All Dogs Have A.D.H.D by Kathy Hoopmann
Autistic? How Silly is That! by by Lynda Farrington Wilson
Of Mice and Aliens: An Asperger Adventure by Kathy Hoopmann
Toodle's Big Race by Cindy M. Jusino
Busy Bees by Marvie Ellis
Sitting on Letters by Marvie Ellis

 Books For Parents

Sensory Processing Disorder Answer Book  By Tara Delaney
Sensory Smarts: A Book For Kids With Adhd Or Autism Spectrum Disorders By Kathleen Ann Chara, Paul J. Chara, Jr.
The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun: Activities for Kids With Sensory Processing By Carol Stock Kranowitz
I Believe In You By Michele Gianetti
Coming Through The Fog By Tami Goldstein
The Pocket Ot By Cara Koscinski
SENSORY PARENTING book series written by Britt Collins M.S., OTR & Jackie Linder Olson
The Out-of-Sync Child by Carol Stock Kranowitz & Lucy Jane Miller
Too Loud Too Bright Too Fast Too Tight BY Sharon Heller
Living Sensationally By Winnie Dunn
The Everything Parent's guild to Sensory Inyegration Disorder By Terri Mauro
Understanding Regulation Disorders By Aileen Stalker and Pratibha Reebye
Sensational Kids BY  Lucy Jane Miller & Doris A. Fuller
48 Personal Stories of Sensory Processing Disorder By Hartley Steiner and Lucy Jane Miller
Parenting a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder BY Christopher R. Auer

Autism & SPD Movie List

After Thomas
Autism Every Day
Autism Is a World
Autism: The Musical
Bless the Child
Children of the Stars
Cries from the Heart
Dad's in Heaven with Nixon
Dark Floors
Dear John
Killer Diller
Mary and Max
Mercury Rising
Miracle Run
Mozart and the Whale
My Name Is Khan
Normal People Scare Me
Rain Man
Recovered: Journeys Through the Autism Spectrum and Back
Refrigerator Mothers
Season of Miracles
Silent Fall
Snow Cake
Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love
Temple Grandin
The Black Balloon
The Boy Who Could Fly
The Horse Boy
The Story of Luke
The Transporters
Too Sane for This World
What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Wretches & Jabberers